Collection: Musicians

Drawings and paintings of musicians.  Most of these I paint in oil-on-canvas during the shows, sometimes on stage.  I paint while the bands perform.  It makes for an exciting, unpredictable energy.  For Tall Tall Trees at Brues Alehouse I took lots of reference photos during the show and painted the art digitally on my tablet afterwards.

For my Digital Art, I make every mark by hand with a stylus.  I don't do any AI art or photo manipulation.  My process is very similar to how I work on paper or canvas.

For the giclee prints, I photograph my original oil paintings and drawings, digitally edit the photos, and print them myself.  My digital art I just have to print.  

The ink is archival pigmented ink. 

The paper is Museum-Grade 300+gsm, 16+mil, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin-free.  The paper I have chosen for the colored art has a lightly textured acid-free soft-gloss finish.  The paper I use for the black and white art has an acid-free semi-smooth matte finish.

Please direct message or email me with any questions.