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Pioneer Museum, Giclee Print, Signed

Pioneer Museum, Giclee Print, Signed

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Pioneers Museum or Bell Tower or Witch Tower or The Castle Painting, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2022

Giclée print: pigmented ink on heavy archival baryta paper.  Also available on premium glossy photo paper for a more affordable option.  Various sizes available from 4x6 inches to 17x22 inches, (DM for info on larger prints). I personally print and sign all prints individually to order.

Original: Oil on two 9x12” canvases, 9x24”, 2022, SOLD

I painted this on a slow afternoon at the Colorado Farm and Art Market.  We were set up in the alley next to The Indy across from the Pioneer Museum.  I started with the dome and decided to extent the painting down to a second canvas to capture the clock face.  I was experimenting with alternatives to black to represent the shadows.  I tried purples, blues and reds.  Traditionally shadows are represented with cooler colors.  I like the counterintuitive use of the red in the shadows of the tree branches.  I remember trying to look for colors that weren't there–like optical illusions–or subtle variations in color and accentuating them in the painting.  As for the drawing, I tried to move from one point to the next based on what caught my eye, using minimal marks to indicate where and what color things should be and ignored what might be filled in later.

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